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Pricing News From the Market Floor for June

Bananas – In short supply at present and prices are increasing accordingly Avocados – Moderate to good supply of Hass, Sharwil, Sheppard, and Wurtz varieties. Values are very attractive. Custard Apples – In moderate supply and values are steady Beans – Light to moderate supply from Queensland areas. Values remain steady.  Peas/Snowpeas/Sugarsnaps – In moderate […]

Pricing News from the Market Floor for April

Bananas – Good supply and prices are wide ranging according to quality. Avocados – Moderate to good supply of shepard variety from Queensland. Prices are very attractive and are possibly the lowest in a while.  Imperial Mandarins – Supplies are now starting to build and values adjusting accordingly. Zucchini – Quite a good availability from […]

Pricing News from The Market Floor For March

Bananas – Supply is now on the increase and prices have fallen. Avocados – Only moderate supply available at present. Western Australian production has come to an end and Queensland areas are now kicking in with Shepherd variety. Custard Apples – Light supplies have started to come in from Queensland. Prices will adjust as more […]

Pricing News From the Market Floor for January

  Bananas – are in moderate to good supply and prices are variable depending on quality. Supplies will be on the increase and values will adjust accordingly. Avocados – Hass variety is in very light supply  from Western Australia and prices are strong. New varieties will soon start appearing and this will reflect on prices. […]

Pricing News from the Market Floor for December

Avocados – In light to moderate supply from mainly Western Australia and New Zealand. Prices are steady and likely to tighten up further. Asparagus – Moderate supply from the local areas plus light availability of imports from Mexico. Prices are steady. Bananas – Reasonable supply at reasonable value. Mangoes – Moderate to good supply at […]

Pricing News from the Market Floor for November

  Bananas –  Are now in good supply with prices moderating. Avocados –  Light to moderate supply at steady values. Strawberries – Good supply from Victorian growing areas. Prices are very reasonable. Cherries – In light supply but increasing each week. Values will start to come down as soon as more supply is available. Peaches/Nectarines/Apricots […]

Pricing News From the Market Floor for October

  Bananas – In shorter supply than normal and prices have increased accordingly Avocados – Light supplies of Hass variety from Western Australia and New Zealand imports. Values remain strong. Asparagus – Moderate to good supplies from local areas and prices have moderated. Blueberries – In good supply at good values. Strawberries – Queensland supplies […]

Pricing News from the Market Floor for June

  Beans – The local season has all but ended. Light supplies are coming in from Queensland with quantities slowly building. Price is higher than average at present. Peas/Snow Peas/Sugar Snap Peas – Light to moderate supply. Prices adjusting as quantities increase. Passionfruit – Moderate to good supply available. Values are steady. Avocados – An increase […]

Pricing News From the Market Floor for April

Custard Apples – Are now in moderate supply. Prices are adjusting as more become available. Chestnuts – Good supply of chestnuts now on the market. Prices are coming down as supplies increase. Beans – Moderate supply of Victorian grown beans. Prices have been steady. Light consignments from Queensland have now also started. Passionfruit – Is […]